Wednesday, April 17, 2019

静默 Be Still

© 2015 New Creation Church

F              Dm
斥责狂大浪   Ni Chi Ze Kuang Feng Da Lang
     Bb         C 
:“平”   Ni Shuo Ping Jing
F                  Dm    
稣,祢变水为酒   Ye Su, Ni Bian Shui Wei Jiu
     Bb           C
祢的荣耀   Xian Chu Ni De Rong Yao

Dm      Gm      C      Am     
圣至颂可畏   Zhi Sheng Zhi Rong, Ke Song Ke Wei
           Gm           C
耶稣,施行奇事   Ye Su, Ni Shi Xing Qi Shi

F              Bb
地都向欢呼   Quan Di Dou Xiang Ni Huan Hu
         C             F
祢的为何等畏   Ni De Zuo Wei He Deng Ke Wei
Am       Dm           Gm
,祢为我争战   Zhu Ni Bi Wei Wo Zheng Zhan
           Bb  C     
我只管静默   Wo Zhi Guan Jing Mo
F                  Bb
要尊崇祢王   Wo Yao Zun Chong Ni Jun Wang
       C              F
祢以严为衣穿上   Ni Yi Wei Yan Wei Yi Chuan Shang
Am    Dm        Gm   C     F  
靠在祢下   Wo Yao Tou Kao Zai Ni Chi Bang De Yin Xia

Chorus (2 keys up)
G              C
         D             G
Bm       Em           Am
            C  D     
G                  C
       D              G
Bm    Em        Am   D     G  

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

You Are My Desire / Let Your Presence Fall On Me

© 1999 New Creation Church

Chords are for female vocals

Verse 1
You are my desire
                         Em                     Em  
Every time I'm weak, I'll run to You
                             C                    G  
You're my hiding place and my comfort
       Am                   D
My refuge and my fortress

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1)
Lord I need Your mercy
Lord I need Your grace to see me through
Every time I'm hurt, I will run to You
Let me dwell in Your secret place

Let Your presence fall on me
Let Your spirit fall like rain
                  C                               G
Let me be refreshed, Let me be restored
         Am                      D   
Only You can heal me Lord
Let Your presence fall on me
Let Your spirit fall like rain
                 C                                G
Let me be refreshed, Let me be restored
         Am                  D   
Only You can really heal   
My heart, O Lord

Repeat Chorus last 3 lines

Chord source:

Monday, November 19, 2018

First Love

Song origin unknown. I was able to find something related to "Petra" online.
Male range - C key (outside brackets)
Female range - F key (inside brackets) 
Words bolded indicates where to strum / emphasize

G (C)               Em (Am)
First love, my first love
       C (F)                 D (G)
My soul longs after You
G (C)               Em (Am)
First love, my first love
                 F (Bb)                D (G) 
I want my heart to stay so true

     C (F)                          D (G)
Because You first loved me
          Bm (Em)            Em (Am) 
Jesus, You will always be
C (F)                  D (G)          G (C)
You will always be, my first love

Chord source: Peter Low

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Living Hope

Written by Phil Wickham, Brian Johnson

Verse 1
                        G                          D
How great the chasm that lay between us
                       C         Em               D 
How high the mountain I could not climb
              G                           D  
In desperation, I turned to heaven
                            C         D       G 
And spoke Your name into the night
                             C                                 G
Then through the darkness Your loving-kindness
                            Em                    D
Tore through the shadows of my soul
                     G                            D  
The work is finished, the end is written
          C               D        G   
Jesus Christ, my living hope

Verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)
Who could imagine so great a mercy
What heart could fathom such boundless grace
The God of ages stepped down from glory
To wear my sin and bear my shame
The cross has spoken, I am forgiven
The King of Kings calls me His own
Beautiful Saviour, I'm Yours forever
Jesus Christ, my living hope

         C   G                  D                        Em
Hallelujah, praise the One who set me free
         C   G                  D                    Em
Hallelujah, death has lost its grip on me
                C                    G 
You have broken every chain
             D                          Em
There's salvation in Your name
          C              D        G         (In final chorus, replace G with Em for two lines, before playing G)
Jesus Christ my living hope

Verse 3
                         G                                    D
Then came the morning that sealed the promise
                    C     Em           D 
Your buried body began to breathe
                 G                              D 
Out of the silence the Roaring Lion
                     C                   D            G 
Declared the grave has no claim on me
                         G                                    D
Then came the morning that sealed the promise
                    C     Em           D               
Your buried body began to breathe
                  G                             D
Out of the silence the Roaring Lion
                      C                  D            Em
Declared the grave has no claim on me
          C                 D            G     
Jesus Yours is the vic - to - ry

          C               D       Em
Jesus Christ, my living hope
    C                           D      G 
O God, You are my living hope

Phil is singing in Eb key (suitable for male range), I find G (5 keys above Eb) more suitable for the female vocal range.
Chord source:,

Sunday, October 21, 2018

牵我的手 Kan Gua Eh Qiu

Sung by Lim Gee Tiong

Original key in C (male vocals), female vocals can sing in the G key in the brackets

C(G)                                          Em(Bm)
我的手  Kan Gua Eh Qiu    的主啊  Gua Eh Zu Ah
    F(C)  G(D)  C(G)    
远不  Li Eng Guan Mai Li Kui Gua
Am(Em)  Em(Bm)                                                   F(C)   D(A)  G(D)  
条路还要走  Jit Tiao Lor Gua Koh Ai Kia    我要祢  Gua Su Yao Li Lai Zor Phoa
C(G)                                         Em(Bm)
我的手 Kan Gua Eh Qiu    的主啊 Gua Eh Zu Ah
    F(C)  G(D)  C(G)
远不  Li Eng Guan Mai Li Kui Gua
Am(Em)                                                Em(Bm)
时我会惊 Oo Si Gua Eh Kia    有时知怎么走 Oo Si Mm Zai An Chua Kia
        F(C)   D(A)       G(D)  
有时像听到祢的  Oo Si Ka Na Tia Bui Tio Li Eh Sia

C(G)                                              G(D)
我的手  Kan Gua Eh Qiu    感祢来作伴 Gam Xia Li Lai Zor Phoa
     F(C)   G(D)       C(G)
的脚又稳又  Ho Gua Eh Ka Po Yu Un Yu Tia  (Uὴ is 第四声)
Am(Em)                                                         Em(Bm) 
到祢的门前  Kia Kao Li Eh Men Zeng    到祢的声  Tia Tio Li Eh Sia
         F(C)                     G(D)        C(G)
跟我讲  Ka Wa Kong    进来我的  Jit Lai Gua Eh Kia

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The One Thing

© 2011 New Creation Church

Verse 1
F                       C
Lord I’m here, to sit at Your feet
F                               G        Am
To be-hold      Your beau - ty
F                                      C
Speak Your Word, Your voice I will heed
                        Am                       F  
Let Your pre - sence wash o-ver me

            C                       G
It’s the one thing that I need
          Am               F
Your pre-sence, is all I’ll e - ver seek
           C                                       G  
O-ver-whelm     me   with Your love
Till all I see is You
All I see is You

       C                                   G
Je - sus,  all my fears,  they fade  away
When I see You,   
When I see You

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Shout to the Lord

© 2003 Darlene Zschech

Verse 1
       G               D
My Jesus, my Saviour
Em                  D               C
Lord there is none like You
C               G         C             G             
All of my days I want to praise
       Em                          C           D
The wonders of Your mighty love

Verse 2 
My comfort, my shelter
Tower of refuge and strength
Let every breath, all that I am
Never cease to worship You

G                     Em                C                    D
Shout to the Lord all the Earth, let us sing
G                  Em           C                      D
Power and majesty, praise to the King
Em                                                  C
Mountains bow down and the seas will roar
             D         C           D
At the sound of Your name
G              Em             C                      D
I sing for joy at the work of Your hand
G                 Em            C                  D
Forever I'll love You, forever I'll stand
Em                                         C
Nothing compares to the promise I have
In You

Friday, April 6, 2018

爱到永远 Ai Gao Eng Guan

Sung by Lim Gee Tiong

Original key in F major (male vocals), female vocals can sing the key in the brackets

Bb (C)                  Dm (Em)
從頭起就知道的樣 Li Dui Tao Ki Tio Zai Yia Gua Eh Kuan
Gm (Am)                 Dm (Em) 
是不曾聽過祢嫌麻煩 Dan Si Mm Bat Tia Gueh Li Hiam Gua Ma Huan
Cm (Dm)                 Dm (Em)
最清楚我是怎麼的人 Li Siong Ceng Cho Gua Si An Zua Kuan Eh Lang
Cm (Dm)              F (G)
是不曾講離開不管 Dan Si Mm Bat Gong Li Kui Gua Bo Guan

       Gm (Am)   Dm (Em)
祢的不改Li Eh Sim  Bue Gai Bian
       Eb (F)                 F (G)
祢的  (愛我) 到永Li Eh Ai  (Ai Gua) Gao Eng Guan 

Bb (C)                   Dm (Em)
無力走  有祢來Na Bo Lat Gia  Wu Li Lai Yang
Bb (C)                    F (G)
看不到  有祢來Na Kua Bue Tio  Wu Li Lai Kan
Gm (Am)           Dm (Em)
在身邊  我不Li Di Sin Bi  Gua Bo Gia Ahm
Eb (F)                   F (G)
找不到另外一Gua Chue Bue Tio  Leng Wa Jit Kor 
       F (G)    Bb (C)
那樣我的神 An Ni Ai   Gua Eh Sin

Chorus (2 keys up) 
Lead-in key from Pre-chorus: G (A)
C (D)                     Em (F#m)
無力走  有祢來揹 Na Bo Lat Gia  Wu Li Lai Yang
C (D)                     G (A)
看不到  有祢來牽 Na Kua Bue Tio  Wu Li Lai Kan
Am (Bm)           Em (F#m)
在身邊  我不暗 Li Di Sin Bi  Gua Bo Gia Ahm
F (G)                    G (A)
找不到另外一個 Gua Chue Bue Tio  Leng Wa Jit Kor
       G (A)    C (D)
那樣我的神 An Ni Ai   Gua Eh Sin

Chord source:

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Written by Gan Khek Chyan

© City Harvest Church

A  F#m C#m D  E
A  F#m C#m D  Dm

Verse 1
When my world was in darkness
You spoke Your word
Night turned into day
Your beauty filled this place

When my world stood in silence
You filled my heart
With songs that never end
Forever I will praise

To think that the universe
Could not withhold Your glory
        F#m            E      D
You choose to live in me
            Bm           E
I'm so amazed

          A                    F#m
(and) I worship you Lord
       D                   E
My life in You restored
Here is my heart
Make it Your sanctuary
For nobody else
        D       E      A
But Jesus only (You)

A  F#m C#m D E
A  F#m C#m Bm C#m D E

D                               F#m                   
You are faithful and true
Glorious Lord
            E                       D
All my life it is You I adore
You've touched my soul
                         G                                E
Completed my world I surrender to You

Chord source:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

I Stand In Worship

© 2007 New Creation Church
Words and music by Karen Lim

These are the simplified ukulele chords for this beautiful song. The chords are simple. There is only 1 pattern for Verse and it repeats twice. Same for Chorus. As the alignment of the chords may run, I have bolded the words where there are chord changes.

              A                                        E
In Your hand are the depths of the earth
              F#m                              C#m
And the heights of the heavens above
   Bm                        A
I worship and bow down
                      D                            E
Kneel before You, my Lord and Maker
             A                                      E   
In Your hand is the breath of my soul
              F#m                                   C#m 
In Your love I stand righteous and bold
      Bm                     A
To honour You, my King
              D                 E
Glorify You, my Redeemer

With open arms I stand in worship
Feel your love's embrace
     F#m                A
In reverence I enthrone You, Jesus
D                   E
Lifter of my head
With gratefulness I stand before You
Faithful, loving King
   F#m                  A 
I rest in hope for You are my portion
          D             [E]   A                (F#m if you want to repeat last line)     
With thankfulness, I sing

These are my recommended fingering positions for the chords. A and D are not shown as they are simple, and you should have memorised them!